Maths, wine and words

Got some squeaky clean new design work up on, go over there and take a look.¬†Been about time I did some updates around here. Each one was a really interesting project, here’s a little more info on some of them.

Pocket Wine has a really clever way of introducing new wines by categorising them in terms of style, then bringing you down a road of discovery. I worked closely with Mike from Wine Paradigm (I designed the site too incidentally!), to design a user interface that represented the information hierarchy in an intuitive way. The colour coding and icon system, keep you in touch with where you are consistently throughout the app.

Mobimaths is an initiative between the NDRC, Trinity College Dublin and GoKnow Inc. It is a series of mobile apps that help school kids get to grips with basic mathematical concepts in an interactive way. Each app was designed to look like a funky and new device which the students use to complete small projects such as measuring angles, distance, working with fractions and more.

Daily Word Search is a cool little word search game that has new word searches every day. Great little app and put together really well.

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